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I am Festi. I am from Albania. I am a full time Youtuber now and Blogger. I have made this Website becouse I love sharing things. Here you will find good movies from Netflix & more a lot of websites post this things olso but they tryed to force you watching ads with POPUPS here we will never do it becouse here visitor mean the torld for me.

Une jam festi. Une jam nje youtuber qe i pelqen te ndaj gjera te reja ne kete WebFaqe ju do te gjeni filma nga Netflix etj po ashtu ju do gjeni edhe seriale ne shqip si Me Fal shqip mund te gjeni ndihme per te shkarkuar video,muzike nga youtube dhe facebook shume faqe te tjera ndajne filma dhe seriale por cfare na bene ne ndryshe eshte se ata perpiqen ti detyrojne shikuesit te shikojne rreklama me popads por ketu kurr nuk do ndodhe sepse per ne shikuesi respektohet ashtu sic meriton.

First language for this site will be English becouse we have viewers from all over the world.To try writing posts for everyone to understand. I have hope you will find useful things here.

If you face any problems and see any wrong information about anything on my site Please Feel Free to Contact Us :-
                                                  Address :- Tirana Albania
                                       Email Address:- Albfesti2@gmail.com

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